BSA Pack # 204

All About Jackson Pack 204 Cub Scouts

What Scouting Offers:
Cub Scouts has a lot to offer to your Son, including:

  • Develop RELATIONSHIPS with other children in their grade:   They will grow in the Scouting program with the kids in their grade and have interactions with other elementary aged boys too.
  • Have FUN:  There’s lots of activities such as:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pinewood Derby, Klondike Derby, Sleepover at museums (i.e. The Sphinx, Franklin Institute, Liberty Science Center), Battleship New Jersey sleepover, BlueClaws Sleepover, Nature Hikes, Memorial Day Parade, Millstone Elks Flag Ceremony, NJ Wild Outdoor Expo, Jackson Day, Community Service (i.e. neighborhood, beach, road clean-ups; toys drives), games and crafts.
  • LEARN:  The scouting program has a guidebook with learning programs each month
  • ACHIEVE:   Scouting has a progressive system of awards to acknowledge scout accomplishments
  • GROW:   Scouting builds confidence and self-esteem.  Scouts earn recognition and gain a sense of personal achievement from the new skills they learn.
  • Strengthen a PARENT RELATIONSHIP: Your Scout and you, his adult partner, are a team. Through Scouting, you complete activities and learn together — and have fun together. 


Whether or not you were a Scout, some things to consider about Scouting:

  • Your boy is growing up fast. (Just look how quickly he outgrows his clothes!) As he is growing, you can give him something that can help him develop self-assurance as he builds respect for other people — and he and you will both have fun doing it.
  • These days, boys are often taught that winning is everything, but Scouting teaches them to do their best and to be helpful to others.
  • The Scout motto — "Do Your Best" — will encourage him to reach out into his world, try new things, and always try to his full potential.


 I'm always amazed at the transformation of a new Scout — at the beginning of the year they are shy, awkward boys clinging to their parents. By the end of the year, they are a team   —  confident and eager to try new experiences with their Den.


Jackson Pack 204 — Our Philosophy

  • The Pack and all activities are planned and run by us — the parents. While we are chartered under the Jersey Shore Scouting Council, we as Jackson Pack 204 believe in a very local approach to Scouting. The strength of our program is due to the active participation of the parents and the primary focus on establishing a fun, educational and social experience for our boys that will teach them values and confidence that comes with earning the scouting achievements with their Den.
  • Our Pack believes that most of the teaching of Scouting happens at the Den level with Scouts of the same age. Pack activities are for meetings and celebrations to honor achievements or for outings that all ages can attend.  


How Scouting is Structured

A Pack consists of 5 Dens which correspond to Grades 1 through 5 of Elementary School: Tigers (Grade 1), Wolves (Grade 2), Bears (Grade 3), WEBELOS 1 (Grade 4), WEBELOS 2 (Grade 5). WEBELOS stand for WE BE LOyal Scouts. After WEBELOS 2, Cub Scouts 'Crossover' and become Boy Scouts.

                                                            Come Join The FUN!!

To find out more about Pack 204, or to join, contact Brian Kohute at (609) 915-5988 or